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Meet Benjamin Stewart

I am blessed to be a Business and Non-Profit Growth Coach and Strategist. My unique background includes more than two decades in progressive leadership positions in several Christian ministries and six years as a communications specialist in the U.S. Army. These experiences taught me about discipline, the value of the structure, and the importance of executing what you set out to do. This has proven invaluable to me in connecting with, leading, and coaching people from all different walks of life.

As an Pinnacle Guide
All of my professional life I have consulted with organizations on their internal structure for the health and growth of their companies or churches. However, when I was able to combine my life/business coach training with a system that has answers to the processes and issues of everyday leadership, it felt like I was finally home. If you are facing organizational difficulties, feel like you have hit a ceiling, or are losing the joy of leading – just reach out and let’s get you to a place of growing and enjoying what you do!

As a Vistage Chair
I feel blessed to be a Chair at Vistage Worldwide, the world’s leading executive coaching organization for small and midsize businesses. I have more than 20 years of experience in strategic planning, human resources management, leadership development, project management, driving business performance, and organizational effectiveness strategies. As a Vistage Chair, I help high-level executives and business owners step out of their day-to-day to think differently, gain insights, make better decisions, and take bolder action to generate meaningful results and accelerate growth. Contact me at to learn more about this transformative opportunity!

As a Business Owner
I have also been fortunate to have a family digital marketing agency that we formed in order to scratch the itch of marketing strategies. While the business is successfully providing clients with the best marketing solutions, my personal passion has shifted – using that knowledge to strategize and coach businesses to their personal success. If you should need to set up a strategy session – just reach out as these customized blueprints have helped bring in over 100+ Million dollars in increase revenue.

As a Pastor
I also have the call of being a pastor on my life – vocational and now as a mentor. Whether it was the Executive role over a multi-site megachurch or as a Senior pastor of a 100-year-old historical church – my passion for creating space for the body of Christ to shine has always been my focus.  However, until pastors see the role as primarily being equippers and releasors – we will continue to miss the greatest call given to us.  I have launched new churches, worked with global churches, and raised up hurting churches for over 20 years and every time it is the joy of my heart to simply come alongside God’s people and His Vision for the local church!

As a father and husband
I married the most amazing and life-giving woman I have ever laid eyes on. She has walked me through thick and thin, encouraged me, mothers, and educates our 9 children. Between my love for God, my wife, and my kids – I truly have a wonderful life.

Specialties: growth strategist, business coach, keynote communicator, life coach, growth coach.

Next Steps…

Let me know if you would like to talk about growing your business.  I am passionate about helping you find that perfect place of vision and living the dream for you and your organization

1 - 15 Minute Call - This if you are brand new to Pinnacle and operating systems for growth - and want to know more about what the process looks like for you and your organization. 

2 - 90 Minute Meeting - If you know enough about Pinnacle or Operating systems like EOS - and you want to take the next step forward in your business.  Let's go ahead and plan out a 90 Minute Meeting with you and your top leader.